Bitumen Pressure Distributor

  1.  Spraying Bitumen - A Bitumen Pressure Distributor works similarly to a large sprinkler, spreading a specific sticky substance known as bitumen on roads. This increases the road's strength and durability.
  2.  Even Coating - It guarantees that the bitumen is uniformly distributed over the road surface. This ensures that each section of the road receives the appropriate amount of bitumen for a smooth and durable finish.
  3.  Controlled Flow - It regulates the flow of bitumen, preventing it from pouring out too much or too little at once. This makes the process more efficient and saves bitumen.
  4.  Adjustable Width - The distributor may vary the width of the spray to cover a variety of road sizes. This adaptability enables it to work on a variety of roadways, from narrow lanes to vast highways.
  5.  Maintaining Temperature - It retains the bitumen at the proper temperature, allowing it to remain liquid and easily spreadable. This is significant because bitumen must be heated to function efficiently.
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